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Electrical checks and their compliance with ISO

Electrical checks and their compliance with ISO

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The idea of electrical tests came to fill a huge shortage in the industries and the construction sector in particular. The owner of the factory or the establishment, in general, does not know a way for professional electrical tests to ensure that their electrical systems will not be a time bomb and that their systems and equipment operate with the required efficiency and safety, and he does not know Also, it was carried out in accordance with international specifications and standards, and not only official tests, which are limited to resistance to grounding and electrical insulation.

For this reason, Atlas Support and Services offers several types of electrical tests, such as the grounding system, insulation, polarity, ground leakage switch, electrical load distribution, electrical panel tests of all kinds, many tests, and the suitability of the tests to international standards systems.

What is an electrical safety test and why might you need it?

Electrical safety testing is a test of an electrical product’s ability to operate safely in accordance with specified efficiency and standards

Whether you are a factory manager or the owner of a factory where you are responsible for the safety of your electrical appliances, it is important and often mandatory for you to ensure that your appliances operate in a safe manner. Electrical safety thus reduces accidents and financial losses.

Important items to ensure passing the ISO certification requirements

1- A complete electrical plan for the facility or factory.

2- Examination of electrical equipment and tools and their conformity to ISO standards.

3- Ensure that electrical equipment is selected according to the required engineering specifications.

4- Provides a comprehensive maintenance plan.

5- Obtaining the signature of a specialized electrical engineer on the plans and plans for operation and maintenance.

6- Check the life cycle of electrical equipment.

7- Providing an introduction to the electrical systems manual and how to work with electricity safely.

8- Providing an emergency plan for electrical accidents.

Some of the checks and tests offered by Atlas:

Surge ArresterHVAC Control PanelBare Copper Clad Conductor, etcWireGrounding Material (Rod, Wire
Shielded Cable for InstrumentationLink Boxes for Power CableFire Alarm Control PanelUninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)Cable Splice & Termination Kits up to 380kv
Bare Conductor (OHTL)Lighting PanelMetal Clad Switchgear up to 34.5kvRMURelay & Control Panel
Substation Automation System (SAS)PSETelecommunication EquipmentMedia Converter PanelLCC
Grounding TransformerFiber Optic Cable (FOC)AMRAdvanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)Battery and Battery Charger
Low Current SystemDistribution Boards and SwitchgearLow Voltage (LV) SystemsCathodic Protection SystemElectrical Heat Tracing System
Overhead Ground Wire (OGW)MUXSecurity and Alarm SystemsFire Detection and ProtectionOptical Fiber Ground Wire (OPGW)
Coaxial Bonding CablesPilot Wire CableSynchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)Optical Fiber Ground Wire (OPGW)Galvanized Guy Wire (Grounding)
GIS up to 380kvRTUSCADAPLCJoint Boxes for Fiber Optic Cables

Conclusion : 

As approved testing, certification, and inspection body, Atlas Support and Services evaluates all types of electrical/electronic equipment to ensure that it meets the requirements of globally applicable electrical safety standards.

Through our highly experienced team and with the latest inspection equipment and various tests, the company’s services can cover all electrical power systems in addition to its commitment to provide exceptional services to its customers in the examination, processing, and testing of equipment, protection and control systems and alternative energy systems.

If you are looking for our services or you have some questions, you can contact us via our email ( or call on (‭00966112080550)‬.

And we will be very glad to assist you.




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