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ISO 14001 certification and its turn in the companies’ development

ISO 14001 certification and its turn in the companies’ development

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First Group is considered one of the leading companies in the transportation sector, implemented the ISO 14001 standard on the company which contributed to reducing the consumption of energy by 31% and saving £240k in one year through awareness campaigns to rationalize energy consumption and £70k through waste minimization programs.

Another example is ACO Group. ACO Group is one of the world’s market pioneers in surface water drainage technology. It applied the ISO 14001 standard to the company which contributed to improving and increasing their relationships with suppliers and customers, reducing costs, and enhancing efficiencies.

After these real examples, the next question comes up: What is ISO14001 and its purpose

Because of daily industrial development and competition, all countries and organizations are now calling for uniqueness by developing high-quality production. But, the increasing global need for factories is accompanied by an increase in environmental pollution factors, lack of natural resources, and countries’ concerns to set conditions and rules for the protection of the environment. All this is required to establish an environmental management system that aims to reduce the waste of resources and contribute to providing a clean environment. This system is ISO 14001 standard.

ISO 14001 is an Environmental Management System that helps to boost the organization’s reputation by reducing the damage companies may or can cause to the environment, and achieving environmental and economic gains by providing the organization with effective elements for the Environmental Management System. In addition, it is a good example of corporate social liability.

The aim of the ISO 14001 standard is to assist the organization to enhance environmental performance by using efficient resources and committing to the global systems for environmental protection. And hence, this helps in reducing waste, gaining a competitive advantage, and building local and global credibility.

Do you know the benefits of implementing ISO 14001 in your organization or business?

  • Increasing the confidence of customers.
  • Reducing the consumption of energy.
  • Achieving strategic business aims by incorporating business management with environmental issues.
  • Reducing waste treatment and disposal costs. 
  • Expanding the competitive advantage of the organization at the local and global market levels.
  • Reducing liability insurance costs.
  • Improving the quality of the working environment.
  • Saving in costs as natural resources will be utilized more efficiently during production.
  • Enhancing the reputation of the company and the customers’ trust through strategic communication.
  • Saving in costs due to cutting back the environmental responsibilities during production.
  • Encouraging Leadership involvement and employees’ engagement.
  • Proving compliance with current and future lawful and regulatory requirements.
  • Saving in costs due to Cutting back the environmental risks during production.

There are key elements for ISO 14001:-

  1. Environmental policy
  2. General requirements
  3. Planning
  4. Implementation and operation
  5. Checking and corrective procedures
  6. Asking for managers’ and administrators’ reviews

The basic principles and methodology of ISO 14001 are based on Plan-Do-Check-Action {PDCA cycle}:

  • Plan: Identifying objectives and required processes
  • Do: performing operations 
  • Check: Measuring and monitoring processes, and reporting results 
  • Act: Working to enhance the performance of results-based environmental management.

In conclusion, the implementation of the ISO 14001 environmental management system, enables organizations and facilities to reduce waste and disposal costs and reduce energy consumption which means enhancing market competition at the local and global levels and increasing customer confidence.

Being ISO certified means that your work goes properly and professionally. Also, it improves the internal environment of the organization and supports your competitive capacity in the labor market.

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