مهندس في موقع انشاء

06 Feb, 2023


In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of urban and construction projects across the Kingdom, reflecting the growing need for infrastructure improvement and the provision of essential services. Construction projects are among the most significant economic activities as they aim to provide the necessary infrastructure for social and economic development. These projects include housing, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, tourism, sports, cultural projects, and other essential facilities for society.

The project process begins with the design phase, where plans and drawings are developed according to the project’s purpose. This phase includes geological, environmental, and technical studies to determine the feasibility and cost of the project. Subsequently, the projects move on to the construction phase, where the project is executed based on the previously established plans. This phase involves the use of machinery and equipment for constructing the facility, as well as employing workers, engineers, and supervisors to manage and monitor the work.

The project concludes with the maintenance and operation phase, where the facility is properly maintained and operated to ensure its continued functionality and investment preservation.

This significant development in the field of civil and commercial works has contributed to the diversity of technologies used in implementing civil engineering projects, varying from one project to another based on type, budget, location, and purpose. However, these technologies generally include:

  1. Computer-aided design and three-dimensional modeling of the project.
  2. Automated devices used in construction operations.
  3. Quality control of construction, materials, and equipment.
  4. Modern project management techniques, such as schedule monitoring, cost management, and planning.
  5. Advanced and durable construction materials.
  6. Modern waste treatment techniques and pollution reduction in civil engineering works.
  7. Advanced technologies for energy efficiency, water conservation, and electricity consumption reduction in civil engineering projects.

As these projects work towards improving the quality of life by providing a safe and comfortable environment and enhancing the community’s infrastructure, they require competent specialized entities to undertake them.

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