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06 Feb, 2023

 ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Welcome to Atlas, your trusted partner for environmental engineering services. Our expertise lies in ISO 14001, an internationally recognized Environmental Management System (EMS). ISO 14001 was developed to reduce the potential harm caused by companies to the environment and assist in improving environmental risk management.

By adopting ISO 14001, organizations can effectively address environmental concerns, improve performance, and gain a competitive edge in both local and international markets. Compliance with national and international regulations is ensured, while documents related to permits and licenses are easily obtained for various activities.

Implementing ISO 14001 leads to cost reductions as resources are utilized more efficiently during production. Additionally, environmental conditions during the production process are optimized, minimizing potential penalties and infrastructure replacement costs. Our comprehensive services encompass:

  1. Compliance with national and international environmental regulations.
  2. Reputation enhancement in local and international markets.
  3. Simplified acquisition of permits and licenses.
  4. Efficient utilization of natural resources during production.
  5. Reduction in costs associated with environmental conditions during production.
  6. Evaluation and control of environmental impacts.
  7. Competitive advantage through improved organizational reputation.
  8. Customer loyalty based on environmental considerations.
  9. Cost reduction and increased productivity through effective resource utilization.
  10. Development of emergency action plans (e.g., earthquakes, fires, floods) and incident management.
  11. Creation of an environmentally respectful organizational image.
  12. Waste assessment and control.
  13. Transition to a clean, healthy, and environmentally sensitive business structure.
  14. Recycling of controlled waste, careful selection of raw materials, and better conservation of energy and water resources.
  15. Financial burden reduction through interactive management strategies, such as finding solutions and mitigating legal violations.
  16. Pollution control at the source and reduction of emissions.

At Atlas, we offer comprehensive training and awareness programs on ISO 14001, aligned with sustainable environmental standards and risk management practices. Additionally, our experts provide environmental sustainability reviews and performance improvements based on the environmental sustainability strategy in Saudi Arabia.

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