مهندسون في موقع بناء

06 Feb, 2023


Mechanical equipment plays a crucial role in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power. It is essential to operate and maintain these equipment safely to ensure continuous power supply while keeping them reliable and secure for electrical workers.

At Atlas, we provide professional mechanical equipment inspection services. Our team specializes in electrical engineering, experts in effective protection systems, various types of mechanical equipment, cable systems interpretation, and fault detection techniques. Our team examines mechanical equipment by evaluating their condition using diverse maintenance programs and condition monitoring, reviewing operation and control circuits of electric motors, inspecting electrical cables, and employing fault detection methods. This enables us to provide precise inspection results. We also conduct performance testing to ensure the safety and optimal functioning of the equipment before commencing work.

Maintenance of mechanical equipment requires high-level skills to perform electrical maintenance, detect common and uncommon faults, and carry out necessary repairs. This helps in mitigating electrical risks and ensuring safety requirements.

Therefore, equipment safety inspection is a vital task at Atlas. We are delighted to serve you and welcome your inquiries. To request our services or for any further information, please contact us directly at or call us at (00966112080550).